Special of the month

Black Jack                                  $16

Salmon,avocado, crunch ,with black and

white rice press ,topped with tuna, escolar, avocado and gold flakes

Playboy                                       $15

ebi, unagi, crab stick, creamchesse, masago, deep fried, topped with unagi sauce & spicy mayo

Uni Shooter                                 $7

uni, quail egg, masago, sake, scallion, and ponzu


Monday - Friday - 11am to 4pm

Saturday - 1pm to 4pm


Sunday - Thursday - 4pm to 10pm

Friday - 4pm to 11pm

Saturday- 4pm to 11pm

We Offer Carry-Out and Delivery

Double Down                             $16

deep fried roll with tuna, salmon, albacore, asparagus, avocado, topped with unagi sauce

Millionaire                                 $17

Alaskan king crab, avocado, cucumber,

topped with orange, salmon, ikura and gold flakes

Tiger Stripe                               $16

Shrimp tempura, asparagus, masago,

topped with shrimp, and avocado, honey miso sauce

Gift Certificates Available

Pink Lady                                    $14

Shrimp tempura, avocado, with pink soy wrap, topped with mix crab, house mayo,

unagi sauce and crunch

Red Rock                                      $16

Lobster , tempura crunch , house mayo

topped with spicy mayo & taro crunch

Papaya Salad                              $10

shredded green papaya, shrimp, tomatoes,

green bean, pepper, and lime

Caterpillar                                 $18

Hamachi, masago, cucumber, unagi,

kaiware, topped with avocado

and tobiko